Dances of the Budapest Scottish Dance Club

This page contains dances that our club members composed between 2001 and 2015
and it also includes some dances composed for our club members on some special occasions.

14.13 - by Zoltán Gräff
Be my partner - by Zoltán Gräff
Flowers of Ildikó - by Zsófia József
Happy to See You - by Gábor Turi
Hungarian Bride - by Eric Finley
Metro4 - by Zoltán Gräff, 2015
The Real Wedding Reel - by Zoltán Gräff, 2017
Rolling dancers - by Zoltán Gräff, 2009
Seven to seven - by Gábor Turi
Summer Rain - by Zoltán Gräff
Scottish Roulette - by Zsófia József
The three 'E's - by Tim Bolton-Maggs
Two hornpipes - by Dániel Gera

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