The Real Wedding Reel

64 bar Reel for four couples in a square set
Devised by Zoltán Gräff, 2017

A present for Márta Lilik and Dániel Gera on their wedding

The full description of the dance is in our book: The second - A reel Goulash

This dance in SCDDB: see here
Recommended music: Alan Gardiner and his SDB: Admiral Nelson

 1 -  8   All circle and back
 9 - 16   All Set&Link with partner ; 
          Turn partner right hand one and a half
          - Finish men face in, ladies face out
17 - 24   Schiehallion first 2 bar, half turn new partner right hand ; 
          Schiehallion first 2 bar, three-quarter turn new partner right hand
25 - 32   Men left hands across in the middle 
          while ladies half chase clockwise to meet original partner (3,4,1,2) ;
          Three-quarter turn partner right hand, set to partner (without hands)
33 - 40   All dance half reel of four around the circle ; 
          Turn new partner right hand 
          - Finish ladies face in, men face out
41 - 48   Repeat bars 17-24 (but second right turn is just a half)
          - Finish in partners place, facing partner (4,1,2,3)
49 - 56   Set, La Baratte, turn one-quarter left hand, men turn in place
          - Finish in promenade hold face anticlockwise
57 - 64   All promenade (4,1,2,3)
          - Last time through ladies finish in middle for curtsey

Hungarian version: PDF

Diagram of the dance

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