List of dances

Dances taught by Pat Houghton, Budapest, 25-27 March 2011

Weekends in Oban                        J32x8           Sue Porter, Lorn (Argyll)
Lord Elgin's Reel                       S32x8           RSCDS Bk 26
Reel On                                 R32x4           Roy Goldring, Graded & Social 3
The Crannog Gathering                   R32             Anne Smyth, Lochaber
Fireworks                               J40x8           Inverness 60th Anniv. Bk.
Norah                                   J96             Anne Thorn, Helensburgh
The Prince of Orange (+ variations)     J16             RSCDS Bk 6
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel               R32x8           RSCDS Bk 5
A Trip to the Drakensberg               J40x8           RSCDS Bk 38
Moranbank                               S32x8           Banffshire Jubilee Book
Jim Dougal of Eyemouth                  S32x3           Muriel Johnstone, Duns Bk 1995
The Glengarry Swing                     Two-Step        Ceilidh Dance
Jacquie's Fankle                        R32x3           John Wilkinson, Duns
The Dance Illustrator                   S32x4           Sue Porter, Lorn (Argyll)
Miss Alison Little                      R32x8           Anna Holden
The Beauty of the North                 S32x8           John Drewry, Deeside Bk 1
Ellie's Jig                             J32x8           The Slip Knot Collection

Welcome Dance, Budapest, 24 March 2011, Thursday

Cromdel Hill                R8x32    18C Dance
Knotwork                    J8x40    W Joubert  RSCDS Bk 44
Anna Holden's Strathspey    S8x32    J Drewry  RSCDS Bk 42
Swiss Lassie                R8x32    R Betsche  RSCDS Bk 39
Land O' Cakes               S8x32    Goulding  RSCDS Bk 29
The Bawk                    J8x32    A Bowman  RSCDS Bk 30
Blooms of Bon Accord        R4x32    J Drewry  Deeside Bk 2
The Lammermuir Hills        S8x32    R Goldring  Wells House
The Laird of Milton's Daughter J8x32 Craigmyle  RSCDS Bk 22
Flowers of Edinburgh        R8x32    RSCDS Bk 1
You can download the minicrib version (welcome dance).

Social Dance, Budapest, 25 March 2011, Friday

Duran Ranger  R32  Bk13
Gentle Shepherd  J32  Bk17
Miss Milligan's Strathspey  S32  RSCDS Leaflet
Gavin's Reel  R32  B Donald Green Lochan
Tribute to the Borders  J32  RSCDS Leaflet
Argyll Strathspey  S32  Bk35
Arthur's Seat  R32  18th C Dances
Wild Geese  J32  Bk24
---- pause
Royal Deeside Railway  R32  Bk40
Braes of Breadalbane  S32  Bk21
Chequered Court  J32  Bk42
Glasgow Country Dance  S16+R16  Bk23
Haste to the Wedding  J32  Bk25
The Gentleman  S32  Bk35
Duke of Perth  R32  Bk1
-- extra
Reel of the Royal Scots  R32  RSCDS Leaflet
You can download the minicrib version (social dance+ball).

Ball, Budapest, 26 March 2011, Saturday

Kendall's Hornpipe  J32  Bk of Graded SCDs
Inverneill House  R32  Bk35
Belle of Bon Accord  S32  Drewry Deeside Bk
Music Makars  R32  Bk33
Cocket Hat  J40  Bk44
Sands of Morar  S32  Bk45
Starry Eyed Lassie  J32  Bk23
Bridge of Nairn  S32  Bk13
Starlight  R32  Bk44
--- pause
Berwick Johnnie  J32  Bk of Graded SCDs
Crossing the line  H32  Drewry Bankhead Bk
Sauchie Haugh  S32  RSCDS Leaflet
Piper and the Penguin  R88  Scotia Suite
Kelloholm Jig  J32  RSCDS Leaflet
Peggy's Strathspey  S32  Bk41
Summer Wooing  R32  Bk38
C'est l'amour  J32  Bk34
Mairi's Wedding  R40  Cosh 22 SCDS+2
You can download the minicrib version (social dance+ball).