The First Austro-Hungarian SCD Weekend
Győr - 26-28 September 2014


Teacher:Beatrix Wepner, Turi Gábor
Music: Silke Grosholz
Organiser: András Ildikó, Borbély Ágnes

Ball dances

Friday: dance list,   (magyarul)
1. The Ambassadors' Reel R323/4L Mayr: Vienna Book
2. Follow Me Home J323/4L Briscoe: RSCDS XXXVIII
3. Seven to Seven S323/3L Turi: A Reel Goulash
4. Shiftin' Bobbins R323/4L Clowes: Guide
5. Johnnie Walker M1284S N&H Robson: Whisky
6. Postie's Jig J324/4L Clowes: Commonwealth Ceilidh Dances
7. Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan R325/5L Goldring 2000
8. The Wee Cooper O' Fife J402/4L Foss: Song Tunes
9. Gang The Same Gate S323/4L Levy: RSCDS XXXVI
10. Major Ian Stewart J323/4L Drewry: RSCDS XXXV
11. Da Rain Dancin' R323/4L Wallace: Whiteadder

Saturday: dance list   (magyarul)

1. The Highland Rambler R403/4L Goldring: Guide
2. Pelorus Jack J323/4L Skelton: RSCDS XLI
3. Wisp of Thistle S323/4L Kent: RSCDS XXXVII
4. Summer Rain J323/4L Gräff: A Reel Goulash
5. Catch the Wind R323/4L Butterfield: RSCDS XLV
6. Hooper's Jig J323/4L MMM
7. Summer Wooing R323/4L Macpherson: RSCDS XXXVIII
8. Sands of Morar S323/4L Priddey: RSCDS XLV
9. The Cranberry Tart J323/4L Glasspool: 7 Year Itch
10. J. B. Milne R323/4L Foss: Guide
11. Culla Bay S324S Dix: RSCDS XLI
12. The Reel of the Royal Scots R323/4L Goldring: RSCDS Leaflets
13. Extra: The Wild Geese J323/4L RSCDS XXIV

Taught by Bexi:

1. Tickle My Fancy           J32 3/4L Drewry: Rondel
2. The Pipe Opener           J32 5/5L Goldring: Graded and Social 3
3. Round and Roundabout      S32 3/3L Schmidt
4. Friendships               S32 4/4L Miller: RSCDS Graded 3
5. Pugwash and Tatamagouche  R32 3/4L Wallace: San Andreas
6. Farewell to Forty-Nine    R32 3/4L Bonn &c.
7. Blethering Beth           J32 3/4L Edinburgh book, 25th Jubilee, is now being published
Taught by Gabor: