The three 'E's

A Strathspey for five couples in a square set
by Tim Bolton-Maggs
Original dance description: see here

The dance derives its name from the theme of the Budapest Scottish Dance Weekend, 24-26 April 2015.
The three 'E's are Enthusiasm, Experience & Excellence, which also represent the trio of organisers: Ágnes, Zsófia & Laura.
The dance is dedicated to the Budapest Scottish Dance Club with many thanks and great affection for their wonderful hospitality and happy dancing

Once upon a time after a period of two years silence in the Court of the King of Reels an early bird arrived. It was sitting on a branch of a tree and was singing gently. The King went into his garden and enjoyed the little bird's song. Then he had a wonderful idea: let's hold a Ball in the Court!
He immediately called his three daughters: Experience, Excellence and Enthusiasm and told them his wish. The three daughters became really excited.
Experience went to get the Experidance Hall ready for the Ball. Excellence arranged the music and the food, while Enthusiasm visited many cities and countries to invite all those who really love dancing reels.
Let us put on our dancing shoes and let our dreams come true.
And we all danced happily ever after...

You can find this dance in SCDDB