Scottish Roulette

32 bar Reel, Round the Room dance for couples in two circles, man outside facing Woman inside
by Zsófia József, 2014
Dance description:
1-8 All the women form an inner circle facing out, the men form and outer
    circle facing in. All circle left then find a new partner.

9-16 All turn with new partner with the right, then with the left.

17-24 All turn with both hand, dance Back to Back

25-32 All men form an arch and dance in, while all women under partner
      right's arm dance out, set and turn back and repeat the moving in and out.

The dance was devised for our regular dance house for beginner dancers. The Roulette is symbolized by the two circle, if you are the winner you will get a partner after every turn! :-)

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You can see: this video on youtube

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