Happy to see you (the Looping Man)

8x32 bar Jig. Round the room, couple facing a couple
by Gábor Turi, 2017

Warm up dance written for the 10th anniversary international weekend course of the Budapest Scottish Dance Club.

Happy to see you
8x32 Jig
1 - 8 Turn RH with opposite partner, turn LH with partner (men always loop at changing)
9 - 16 Turn BH with opposite partner (men loop at the end) and dance Back to Back with partner
17 - 24 Men's Chain
25 - 32 Circle Allemande (dance anticlockwise outside, clockwise inside with allemande hold and pass 3 couples with LSh in 4 bars and dance the 5th and the 6th bars of a ordinary Allemande and finish the figure with half LH turn to face your opposite partner ready to dance again - men loop at the end again)

Video on facebook (link)

Dancing starts ar 2:26 :-)

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