Gift to Bo'ness Dance

24 bar Reel for two couples, round the room
Devised by Vilmos Bagoly, 2019

The full description of the dance is in our book: The second - A reel Goulash

This dance in SCDDB: see here

Gift to Bo'ness Dance

24 bar reel for couple facing couple round the room.
Each man has his partner on his right

 1- 8 All dance four hands round and back.
 9-12 All dance half rights and lefts giving right hands to the dancer opposite to begin.
13-16 All dance back to back with the dancer opposite.
17-20 All repeat bars 9-12.
21-24 Giving right hands to the dancer opposite, turn half way to face each other and pull 
      back by the right to finish facing new couple.

Diagram of the dance

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