Flowers of Ildikó

32 bar Reel for two couples facing each other, round the room
by Zsófia József

One of the most common female names in our club is Ildikó. We celebrate their name day (10th March) with this dance.
Music: 'Catch the Wind' is a good choice to have great fun!

You can see this video on youtube.

Flowers of Ildikó

32 bar reel for 2 couples, Round-the-Room

1-8   Advance and Retire two times in a circle - on bar 2 and 6 move arms up and shout 'Ildikó'
9-16  Woman dances around man with retained hands, their partner repeats.
17-24 Back-to-Back with opposite partner, turn right hand with the same person.
25-32 Advance and Retire, change place with opposite person with right hand then with next couple's opposite person with the left. 
      Next upcoming couple is joining hands ready for start.

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